Home Automation Control Devices

February 24, 2017

florida home automationOne of the top frequently asked questions we get about managing the home automation experience is: “How is everything controlled?”

Without getting too overwhelming, there are lots of options available.

First, at One Touch Media Designs, we figure out what the homeowner wants and needs and we work with our designers to create a home automation system that meets their needs.  When suggesting the correct control devices, there are several options available that we present to our clients.

Here they are:


Touch Panels: They’re new and cool and the wave of the future! Touch screens can be embedded in a wall or can be mounted nicely in high-traffic areas. These devices can give homeowners an easy and convenient touch-based control of all home automation options through a high-resolution screen.

Smart Devices: Smart devices allow homeowners to turn their phone, tablet, or other “smart” mobile device into a portable remote control. Awesome!  They can change settings remotely, so their home is prepared when the homeowner gets home!

Keypads:  Keypads can be used in different ways. They are best used, however, for controlling lighting scenes and motorized shades. Also, keypads are great backups to a home automation system.

Universal Remotes: There is nothing like a handheld remote! Universal remotes are best used to control audio and video in a home theater, media rooms, living rooms or bedrooms.

Waterproof remotes: Homeowners can now control their entire home from their shower, pool or Jacuzzi.  This is wild!  Waterproof remote controls allow homeowners to access their automation features from any place in their home including a pool, shower, or bathtub!

There are a number of control options that are available that can make your experience living in an automated home awesome!  At One Touch Media Designs, we focus on helping homeowners find “wow” answers to create the home automation lifestyle and experience they want.


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