Home for the Holidays – part 1

December 15, 2020

Your Media Room

Wondering what makes for great home entertaining in the age of, well, staying at home? A Home Theater or Media Room – it’s sure to be a hit with family and friends. It’s also a room you’ll enjoy for years to come, whether entertaining for friends and family or somewhere to relax whenever you just need to get away.

Home Theaters or Media Rooms consist of the video display, a sound system and often automated lighting and shades. Let’s take a look at the video side first. Do you mount a big TV on the wall or do you go really big with a video projector and screen? Either can deliver impressive 4K or 8K technology that let you see the details of your movies, shows, and sports with amazing, lifelike clarity.

How do you decide whether to choose a flat panel display or a projector and screen? We base our choice on size – flat panel displays up to 85” or so, are readily available at reasonable price ranges. When you want a screen size of 100” or larger, a separate projector and screen makes more sense. It also depends on your room – what you can place where, and how much light will reflect on the screen during the day.

Planning on being home for the holidays? Let’s make it memorable! Call us for a complimentary Media Room consultation today. But don’t wait too long – the holidays are here!


Since I started One Touch Media in 2008, I’ve always strived to ‘drop everything and service the customer first.’ Over the years, we’ve completed thousands of systems and made many customers into lifelong friends. As technology became more sophisticated, we’ve added ‘remote servicing’ where we can log into a customer’s equipment and perform diagnosis, upgrades and even repairs.
This month, we rolled out new optional Performance Plans that bundle a host of service and maintenance offerings in packages that start at $99 per month and include 24/7/365 live care for your home system. These are great plans we’ve worked on for months and we highly recommend them. Plan members get 24/7/365 service and the fastest response, plus numerous other benefits.
The plans are optional – we will always provide free phone support during business hours even without a plan. If you do elect to ‘pay as you go’, we will be charging our standard $165/hr for remote support and for on-site work. If we can rectify the issue remotely, the first hour is half price.
Give us a call to discuss the options. Thank you!


OUR NEW OPTIONAL PERFORMANCE PLANS – join now and get 1 month extra at no charge

We are thrilled at the response to our new 24/7/365 Performance Plans. We can now take care of your system remotely around the clock. Updates, servicing, and maintenance – it’s all possible without having to schedule a visit. Of course, sometimes we’ll have to come over, but most support can be handled from our offices. Through December 31, sign-up for one of our annual plans and get an extra month at no charge. Plans are optional… you can call us for service and pay as you go, like you have previously. Take a look at our new 24/7/365 options – starting at only $99/month.

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