Here Are A Few Things To Know About Home And Business Intelligent Lighting Control

April 19, 2017


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The last decade has seen a huge advancement in smart technology, specifically aimed at making your living and working environment more convenient and energy efficient – saving you or your business money as well as helping our environment.  As technology continues to develop, so too has the environment that we surround ourselves in, and this is particularly true for building design and architecture. Buildings have changed to provide a more safety-orientated, comfortable and environmentally-friendly environment, in both residential and commercial properties.
One of the most significant changes has been how we light our buildings – whether commercial or residential. While LED lights have been the predominant player over the last few years, intelligent lighting controls have slowly been worked on and developed, making them better and better.  They are beginning to revolutionize the lighting industry.

If you haven’t heard much about intelligent lighting controls, then this post will help you learn all that you need to know:
What are intelligent lighting controls?

Intelligent lighting controls are lighting systems that can be controlled from one central control system. They can be automatically adjusted by the central controller to the time of the day, the ambience, room functionality and room occupancy. The programmability of the system allows users to save certain settings which will then be remembered and automatically applied.
One central system control can be placed in a house or commercial property, and then can be accessed and modified through various other controllers. These controls can be made to work with zonal areas in commercial properties, single room controls on residential properties – and pretty much everything in between.
What are the benefits of intelligent lighting controls?

Efficiency and mood

One of the main benefits of intelligent lighting controls is how convenient they are. Pre-programmed settings automatically adjust themselves to the brightness of the room, the occupancy and the ambience you want. Lights can be controlled singularly or grouped into clusters and can be easily controlled with central control systems or remotes.

Once the scenes have been programmed into the controller, its then easy to simply switch over from one to the other without disruption to the room ambiance or temperature, or simply taking the time to have to do the lights yourself. Undoubtedly, they make controlling the ambience and lighting in a building quicker, more immediate and much more convenient.
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Intelligent lighting controls allow a much more energy efficient lighting system in both commercial properties and residential homes. The dimming options of almost all the systems allow greater control over the brightness of the lights.  Also, dimming your lights 10% will save 10% more energy on the property!

The smart control is also handy when it comes to saving energy. Most of the systems will be programmed to turn off if a room is not occupied – meaning that you don’t waste unnecessary energy on a room that no one is using.

Intelligent lighting controls are the wave of the future.  If you would like to know how One Touch Media Designs can help improve your home or business lighting controls, making your life easier as well as saving you money by not wasting energy, give us a call!




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