What’s The Future Of Home Theater?

March 8, 2017

florida home theater

We know that audio fidelity on your mobile devices is less than great – however, the audio quality in movies is getting even better!  In 2016 the movie industry grossed more than 11 billion dollars in the US, and the theater experience is improving by leaps and bounds. More luxurious seating, food and beverage service and superior quality sound and picture have been the trend.

Also, let’s not forget the biggest improvement in theater sound since surround sound was invented: Dolby Atmos. Theaters using this technology are increasing every year. Last year AMC announced that by the end of 2017 they would build 100 new Dolby Cinema theaters across the nation. This shows that audiences wants this technology because it just makes film sound even better.

Atmos is also used the Home Theater. With nearly all major Audio and Visual receiver brands offering Atmos – and DTS-X in their products, the home audio world is on fire! The sound quality of home media is also improving in leaps and bounds. As a result, more attention than ever has been put into modern home releases.  TVs have been continually improving picture quality. Humans are visual, so everyone will see and benefit from these technological innovations being added to televisions. And once you have a beautiful TV, almost everyone wants awesome sound to accompany the terrific and crystal clear visuals!  As you may know streaming TV has gotten more and more popular. But as these services grow along with increased internet bandwidth and speed, more companies like Netflix and Amazon are increasing the availability of Dolby Atmos in their streaming titles.  Also the recent resurgence in vinyl records cannot be overlooked. The visceral experience of tactile media – like vinyl records, especially though a great sound system, cannot be underestimated. After all, great 2-channel and great surround go hand-in-hand.

While we at One Touch Media Designs doubt people will ever get tired of sitting in front of a great pair of speakers, the way technology is moving seems to make the Home Theater experience more personal. As virtual reality finally starts to take off, we are excited to see how audio quality follows.


Will the technology integrate even deeper into our bodies? Samsung recently created a contact lens that can record and project video. Maybe we’ll have the audio equivalent to actually trick our brain into hearing true 3D sound through chip implantation in the human brain, cochlear nucleus or perhaps even directly into primary auditory cortex. Whatever happens, we are certainly in store for some exciting times in the world of sound and the Home Theater experience!

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